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March 6th, 2009

Blogging Along

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In a week for so I’ll have blogged every single day for 18 months.

It started as a little test to see if I could post an entry every day for a month, I did, that became 3 months, then 6 months & then a year. The problem with blogging every day is that you are content to post quantity rather than quality. I don’t necessarily see that as a problem, some of the posts I’ve been most proud of have largely ignored by those who choose to comment on them. So I’ve been quite happy to post little & often with the occasional more weighty entry every so often.

I don’t have the same following as some of the more well-read blogs, so my stats may seem somewhat insignificant. When I started measuring them in October 2007, I was getting some 4,000 visitors a month, this rose quite steeply for some reason over the next 4 months up to about 9,000 a month. In September 2008 it reached 11,000 a month and has been declining ever since. In February I was down to 8,500.

It struck me that the biggest decline in number of visits appears to have coincided with the fact that I retired from the Police. I wonder if that is just a coincidence or whether some of the previous visitors were no longer interested in the views of someone who is, after all, now just a plain old Joe Soap.

In a little while I’ll be back in the hub of the Control Room, strutting my stuff as a civilian controller, so well within the environment which will give me plenty of material with which to continue blogging. It’s all very depressing. (thinking of going back to work, not blogging).