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March 1st, 2009

Shattered Dreams

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Just to shake me from the dreamlike world that is not having to get up & go to work for a while, I had a phone call from our HR Department. I say ‘our’ actually, it’s not mine at all, not at the moment at least, what with me being retired & all that (on a temporary basis only, sadly).

Apparently, all my security checks have gone through OK & they need to know the exact date of my return to the control room. Bloody hell, that was depressing. I’m just getting used to my new-found freedom & here I am already making the plans to go back. I bet the next few weeks will be the quickest few weeks of my entire life to date.

So I chose the date & now have to get some forms & papers from HR which I need to sign & return, I guess it’s going to be a contract of employment.

If my actual return goes without a hitch, I’ll eat the helmet I kept as a souvenir!

I’ve still not heard from NARPO, so I expect HR have not bothered to pass on my details.