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February 28th, 2009


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So what did your force give you as a marker of your thirty years’ service?

I know of lots of people who have retired after a life of service to a particular company & get presented with some kind of memento by the company, be it a gold watch, a clock or a framed certificate.

This doesn’t appear to happen in the police service. I have no idea whether it happens in any of the other public services.

I’m not talking about a personal gift you might get from the team of colleagues you have personally worked with, who may chip in to buy some kind of leaving present. I’m talking about something given by the company as a little recognition for several decades of loyal service.

You get fuck-all in my force. Well, that’s not strictly true, you do get a pathetic little note which says you gave 30 years of your life with exemplary service, but quite frankly I’d be embarassed to show it to anyone, you wouldn’t know it was a certificate of service, it looks more like something that came out of the chief constable’s paper recycling bin.

So what happens in other forces, my regular retirees will know… so spill the beans!