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February 24th, 2009

Non Story of the Year

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It seems the Sun is up in arms because we’ve been failing the public again. This time we’ve been playing poker while little old men get burgled.

Sixty nine year old Graham Hall, went to the Thames Valley Police HQ to report that a games room annexe at one of his properties had been broken into. He had been to his local police station at Kidlington, but found it was closed so walked a short distance to the police HQ.

He was met there by a security guard who thought he had arrived for a poker evening taking place within the social club at the HQ. When he explained what he was there for, the security guard told him he couldn’t report a crime there & should ring the central number to report it.

Woopy-fucking-do. If I go to Tesco’s Head Office, I doubt they would sell me a pound of sprouts & copy of the Scum. If Mr Tesco & his cronies happened to be inside, in their own free time, having an office party, clearly I could write some headlines saying that Tesco wouldn’t sell me a carrot because they were too busy having a piss-up.

It must be a really poor news day for the Scum to make up a non-story, but hey, it’s to do with the police so it’s fair game.

Don’t get me wrong, I think Mr Hall should be able to report a crime – at his local police station. Now if the Sun wanted to do a story on how the police station closes at 5pm, then fair enough. But there is no reason why someone should treat the administrative headquarters of TV Police as a functioning police station – it’s not, get over it, you can’t report crimes there.

The spin put on the story is that all the officers were inside playing poker, when they should have been taking reports of thefts of billiard cues. Listen you Sun tossers, it’s a police social club which runs functions for its staff – police & civilian – to attend in their own time, off duty, not when they are at work you dumbskulls!

I expect the paper would have been blank had they reported on the facts.