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February 18th, 2009

Hot Wheels

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Well, I’ve put a deposit on new car, well, new to us, it’s not brand new. I decided not to buy new so have got dibs on a decent sized family car two years old.

I can collect it as soon as I have the commutation, which, hopefully, will be in the next couple of days, depending on how long the bank takes to clear it. (that’s if they don’t scarf it off to pay off some of those billions myself & my fellow tax-payers have kindly donated to them in the past few months.)

I don’t really want to say what I’ve got other than it’s a vehicle which I think may still have links to manufacturing in the UK, even if it’s not technically a British motor. Even Mrs Weeks enjoyed driving it so that’s a bonus. I’ve not been in the market for cars for many years so I have no real idea whether it was  bargain or not, but it was just under half the new price of two years ago, either way, I’m happy with it & am sure we’ll have many happy journeys in it.

We’re going to donate the old beast to the Fire Brigade. They want to cut the roof off or smash all the glas sin with their axes, or something. I can take it to their base & they will do what they will with it & then dispose of it. It saves me the grief of selling it (it’s really not worth more than a few hundred quid) and also of scrapping it, and what a rookie firefighter learns on it may save someone’s life one day. It’ll bring a tear to the old eye when it goes; it’s older than my children & they’re in double-figures.