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February 9th, 2009

No Interest

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I had a little leaving do, nothing major, just a few friends & colleagues out for the night. A few beers & a nice meal.

I don’t do alcohol very well these days. Gone are the times when I used to neck it down like there was no tomorrow. I leave that to the youngsters now. To my credit I didn’t get (too) drunk. I had a nice little gift from the team which I shall put on display in a cabinet at home – thanks very much!

I won’t see any of them again until I go back to work in a while. Most of them are quite a bit younger than me so I don’t really fit that well into their social scene; I don’t expect the phone to go very often, if at all.

I must have spent half the evening discussing how I was going to spend my commutation with all kinds of helpful suggestions on what I should start with. I don’t have too many plans, probably not a lot more than the standard new car, house improvements & maybe pay off all or some of the mortgage.

In a week or so’s time I’m going to have a little over a hundred grand paid into the bank account. So it’s really nice that the interest rate has just dropped to 1%. By the time I get my hands on it I’ll be paying the bloody bank to look after it.

I expect there are ex-coppers baulking at the thought of that figure; it’s significantly higher than what anyone who retired a little over year or more ago got, the result of about the only good thing Jacqui Spliff has done in her tenure as Home Secretary.

Thirty years of paying my pension and it’s about to pay off.