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February 8th, 2009

Blog Update/Home Sec Update

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Some of the comments from the ‘Programming‘ entry yesterday have disappeared. This isn’t because they have been deleted but because the site has changed to a new server and the whole blog was copied this morning but didn’t actually go through the change until this evening, so most of the posts added today are now languishing on an old server somewhere.

If you have the patience to add your comment again, I’d be grateful, I don’t have access to the old setup as I just steal the space from and I’m sure they’re busy enough sorting their own site out to bother with mine.

I’m told the setup is more up-to-date technology-wise, whether that means the blog will load quicker or not, I haven’t a clue and as I don’t actually pay for it, I’m just grateful it still works.


By the way, it’s always nice to see Home Secretary, Jacqui Spliff, squirming. This time she’s being criticised for claiming some £116,000 of tax-payer’s cash for a ‘second home’. The fly in the ointment is that she is claiming her main home is actually her sister’s whom she stays with when she’s in London. Her ‘second home’ for which is her family home in Redditch where her husband & children live.

She is entitled to a grace & favour home in London but has chosen not to have this and live with her sister instead. Funnily enough, if she took the grace & favour home, she wouldn’t be entitled to to all that lovely, free lolly.

I don’t think I’m the only one who thinks that there is something morally corrupt in claiming the home you’ve lived in for years and in which your husband & two children is not your main home, so you can get a wacking great allowance, rather than a much smaller allowance for claiming that your sister’s house where you stay from Monday until Thursday, is in fact your second home.