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February 7th, 2009


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Thank You for the messages of good luck on my last day at work yesterday. I have a small, loyal group of readers who regularly post and my thanks got to you for your support; it’s what makes doing this blog – which can be difficult sometimes having to do a post every day – enjoyable!

This time next week I’ll be an ex-copper. I’ve said before that being in the job is more than just ‘a job’ it is your life, it pervades into the very existence of almost everything you do.

I had a thought. Those in the job will know, the little things you do without thinking. Walking down the road past a row of cars & you find your eyes alighting on the tax disc, not because you’re looking for cars to come back & visit when you’re on duty next, just because you do.

You look at the face of almost everyone you pass on the street, even though most people avoid eye contact & fail to offer a smile or a greeting. While you do this an almost imperceptible process in your mind runs through, judging by the look of the face, is the person  a criminal, a yob, a previous customer. You can’t help it.

When you walk into a pub you immediately check out everyone you can see, you sit where you can see people rather than with your back to them. When you get on a train, you know who to avoid sitting next to.

Is it nature or nurture? Thirty years of this kind of stuff going on like a little programme in the back of your head.

I wonder, next week, whether these things will fade the longer I’m no longer in the job, or whether they are now with me for life.