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February 6th, 2009

Nearly there

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Well that’s me finished work. I have a few days leave to use up before I retire, but I’ve completed my working career.

I handed back the uniform (well, most of it). The sum total of the evidence of my life as a police officer in a black plastic bin liner, handed over to a civilian who I’m sure was the same guy who handed it out to me 29 years & 51 weeks ago.

It was a bit of a funny shift. I took the several boxes of donuts & cakes in. I even managed to eat three of them myself. It was kind of business as usual. We were kind of inundated with traffic & road problems, as you’d expect, since this country has never learned to deal successfully with snow. We had so many complaints about teenagers chucking snowballs & upsetting the public that we just had to bin most of them. Unless you were a little old lady who’d been injured by a snowball, you didn’t get much change out of the local constabulary this week, unless there were some free PCSOs in the town.

I felt a bit like the condemned man, so many people were popping up to have a last chat with me. I’ll see most of them at the weekend for a few swift halves down at the local followed by a meal at an Indian restaurant who is closing early to accommodate us.

I’ve still got my warrant card though, for a few more days. I could have handed it in but I just wanted it for a few more days, for some reason which escapes me really as I’ll only have to make a special trip to HQ to hand it back.

The end of the shift came reasonably quickly, but then it does when you’re busy. I gathered my stuff together, had a few cuddles & left the building.

So, unless there’s some kind of war starts between now & next week, that’s me done with policing.

200 weeks has become 1 week.