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February 5th, 2009

I’ll say a little prayer for you…

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…if I still have a job.

Another day, another story from the diversity nazis.

This week, community nurse, Caroline Petrie was suspended without pay for the heinous crime of offering to say a prayer for one of her patients she was on a home visit to.

Ms Petrie is a devout Christian. Having changed the dressings for a 79-year-old lady she offered to say a prayer, the patient declined. The lady in question was not offended by the incident & did not report it. However, she did mention it to another nurse on a further visit, who them snitched on Ms Petrie. She was suspended pending an investigation into the incident.

Her offences are: “failing to demonstrate a personal and professional commitment to equality and diversity” and “not using professional status to promote causes that are not related to health”.

For fuck’s sake.

This is the result of an ethos where us public sector workers are encouraged to grass on colleagues, not for crimes or unethical practices, but for beliefs and comments. We have it in the police, there are any number of ways you can grass people up, by email, by anonymous telephone, there are even companies paid by the police (& no doubt other organisations) who will take the information anonymously & pass it on to professional standards. We live in a world where you really do have to watch your back, for walls have ears. Oh, and just incase, if you hear something ‘inapropriate’ and fail to report it, that’s also a discipline offence.

The Telegraph have set up a petition to save Ms Petrie’s job while the National Secular Society are queing up to agree with North Somerset Primary Healthcare Trust, who now have one less community nurse working in the community, still I suppose they are saving the money they would have spent on her wages.

If it is really unacceptable in a Christian country, to offer a prayer for someone in ill health, do we really have to suspend someone & deprive them & their family of a wage, talk about sledge hammer to crack a nut. But of course we are talking about diversity, the god to which managers must worship (if I can use that analogy without fear of being stripped of my last days of salary). Not only must you accept everyone’s beliefs & viewpoints (if they are on the list of ‘acceptable’ groups) but you must actively demonstrate how & what you do to ’embrace diversity’.

I am not a religous man. If I was ill & someone offered a prayer for me I would politely decline & think how nice that someone might do something which they believe would help me.

I wouldn’t demand they be sacked.