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February 4th, 2009

More Double Standards?

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I have to admit that I am a fan of The One Show. I like to sit on the couch vegging away infront of the TV while my dinner goes down.

It was with some interest then that I heard the news that Carol Thatcher has been sacked for making a private comment off-air. Details are not verifiable but from what I can gather she is alleged to have said that the tennis Player, Andy Murray’s hair reminded her of a golliwog.

Presumably someone present reported the matter & she has been summarily ousted from any more appearances on the BBC. As far as I can see, Ms Thatcher didn’t call anyone a wog, she merely remarked that a particular hair style was reminiscent of a particularly well-loved children’s toy. It may not have been the most politically correct comment in the history of broadcasting but neither was it a racist comment. Notwithstanding the history of the golliwog, or it’s naming or misuse of its name, are we really saying we should not refer to an item which whether you like it or not is part of the culture of this island? Perhaps we should never refer to slavery, badger-baiting or the rights of the lord of the manor.

This is just another example of people seeking offence where none is meant.

Compare & contrast this with the case of Jonathan Ross, suspended for broadcasting comments which most people would find both deeply insulting & in very poor taste. Thatcher’s comment was off-air during a private conversation on BBC premises. The difference? Thatcher doesn’t earn 6 million quid a year & is not likely to attract millions of viewers to the BBC.

I have no particular like or dislike for Ms Thatcher, (though I do have some thoughts on her mother & brother!) so I’m not that bothered whether she appears on The One Show or not. But the older I get the more I think this place is turning into a nazi state where the thought police will monitor your every move & stamp down on anything which they happen to deign to be ‘inappropriate’

I’m fed up t the back teeth of people complaining about being offended when no offence is meant. For me, being offensive is a two-way process. And it starts from the mouth of the person who makes a comment. If I say something which I genuinely don’t think is offensive, then you don’t have permission to find offence.

And I’m really annoyed at the double standards of the BBC. If Thatcher is sacked for her comment then Ross should have been sacked (& had to pay his grossly inflated earnings back to the licence-payer)