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February 2nd, 2009

The Chav still lives

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I went into town after work this afternoon, as is my wont.

It’s funny but we have been getting snow in this country for 49 years to my knowledge, yet the whole country seems to fall apart as soon  as a drop of the white stuff hits the pavements. Needless to say, the footpaths hadn’t been gritted by the local council. Little old ladies were going flying all over the place.

I made it there & back more or less unscathed although I did almost leave my feet on at least 3 occasions.

Anyway, I was walking past a little children’s playpark which was pretty full of kids & mums building snowmen & being tugged round the park on plastic sleds. I heard one girl who appeared to be about five, shout out in a loudish voice “Where are we going now, mummy”. The reply, which was even louder was “Up Jack’s arse.”

I have no idea who Jack is, nor whether he could accommodate a woman who appeared to be the size of Leichtenstein & her diminutive offspring within the realms of his anal canal, but it did cause on of those “fer fucks’ sake” moments.

When did it become acceptable to talk to children like that? Just another example of the pitiful road this country has taken in the last 20 years.

As I passed an alleyway between some shops, some chavs who should have been at school were the schools actually open (but wouldn’t have been at school whether it was open or not and probably hadn’t been for some time) were chucking snowballs at passers by. I had to fight the urge just to walk up to the biggest of them, who also appeared to be the ugliest & spottiest – someone should do a survey on behaviour & looks – and break his jaw with a well aimed punch. But reality took over so I just gave them a mouthful and made my way home.