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February 1st, 2009

Talking of crap jobs

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If you thought things were getting bad over here, what with the government keeping details on every facet of the minutiae of your life & councils recording your every movement, have a thought for the poor folk of the Bavarian town of Volkach in Germany.

The burghers of the town are so fed up with dogs crapping all over the paths & owners not clearing it up that they’re trying to set up a dog DNA database so that offenders can be tracked down. They’re planning on taking fur or saliva samples from all 420 mutts registered in the town & employing someone to walk the streets taking dog-turd samples for later DNA matching. Now that’s a job I could pass up quite easily.

Some councillors are poo-pooing the idea though, they recommend just offering twenty euros reward to people who report errant dog walkers (those who don’t clean up after their dogs, not those who  pass a motion in public).

This is in Germany, over here things are different, we wouldn’t ever use anything so  ridiculous to investigate dog fouling.