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January 28th, 2009

I’ve started so I’ll finish

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Nothing to do with policing, retiring, politics, cock-ups or whingeing today; I haven’t got time.

When I got in from work this evening I rashly decided to upgrade my laptop. Things have been getting a bit sluggish & I’ve almost filled up the hard drive with porn so I ordered a bigger hard drive & some more memory yesterday & it was dropped off to Mrs Weeks – who made a comment about spending money which I haven;t yet got in my hands, and then there was a conversation about it didn’t matter because I was now within the time where I could pay it off the credit card without attracting interest on it & it was only a couple of hundred quid & it really couldn’t wait a few more weeks. I think I got away with it, for now.

Anyway, after tea I settled down to the laptop with a screwdriver in hand. This is not usually a good sign as I’m something of a cock-up artist when it comes to DIY. I usually get by but either damage myself or some inanimate (& usually expensive) household object in the process.

I managed to find the place where the memory went, unplugged the old & plugged in the new, and it worked, first time. So now I have some more memory.

Next to the hard drive. Now having been burned before, I took the precaution of backing up the entire drive to a portable USB hard drive so everything, in theory, should still be available when I stick in the new drive. Surprisingly, you don’t need a degree in micro engineering to trace & remove the drive, & the new one just slots in too.

It worked!

So I’ve just spent the last couple of hours loading Vista, which went remarkably smoothly. The first thing I did when it was all up & running was connect to the internet, except I didn’t, for about 90 minutes. I don’t have a clue what I did to get it working but I think it involved deleting & loading drivers, lots of times, which has meant that I didn’t really have time for a proper entry tonight.

Except, that I’ve just realised I’ve written more than on a lot of occasions whjich defeated the object of just popping onto the blog to make at least a token effort of a posting, and now I’ve used up another 10 minutes of software reloading times.

I could be here a long time. If tomorrow’s entry is short, you’ll know what I’m still doing…

Oh, and I didn’t injure myself or knock over Mrs Weeks best vase.