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January 26th, 2009

The Lady’s not for turning (oh yes she is)

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So the government has reclassified cannabis from a Class C back up to a Class B drug. Given that they only declassified it a while ago, you’d have thought that someone might be saying ‘well, we made a mistake & have rectified our error’.

I’ve been listening to the radio today & also seen a few TV news reports & have yet to hear a government minister saying that they cocked up. (that’s if you think they did, of course, when the downgraded it originally)

So what will happen now? The reclassification means that anyone caught in public with cannabis will be subject to a warning (so, no change then). A second possession would mean an £80 ticket & a third would mean an arrest & possible prosecution. The maximum term of imprisonment goes up from two years to five. This is practically meaningless since very few people ever go to prison for possession of cannabis & nobody gets the maximum sentence for anything, let alone possession of weed.

The government are so concerned about the damage to society caused by cannabis that they have neglected to actually put in place the legislation to allow police to issue fixed penalty tickets for cannabis possession, so anyone caught on their second possession can’t be given a ticket yet anyway – talk about joined up legislation; getting the powers to do something in time for a change in the law doesn’t seem like rocket science to me, yet it’s obviously too difficult for the justice department.

The Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs recommended leaving the classification as it was (Class C) but Home Secretary Jacqui Spliff – herself an old user – decided the change the law, again.

The sum total of the reclassification will be, er, nothing.