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January 22nd, 2009

Choosing Laws

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I suspect that an awful lot of police officers will have rejoiced at the news that an illegal traveller settlement has been given the boot by the High Court today, possibly not very loudly, lest the anti-racist brigade pipe up, but there will be many agreeing with Lord Justice Pill.

Quite some years ago, travellers set up an illegal encampment in Crays Essex.  They did this because they don’t give a shit for the law of the land and do whatever the hell they please knowing that threats or acts of violence to anyone who opposes them often work & whilst defying the laws they choose, they call on the full force of certain laws (human rights, for instance) to get their way. They proceeded to develop the land, lay roads, build houses on the protected Green Belt land. The local council issued enforcement notices to clear the site four years ago.

The High Court blocked the council’s proceedings ordering a judicial review of the council’s decision. Today three law lords agreed that the council’s actions & decision were pefectly lawful leavng the way open for the travellers to be evicted & the site demolished.

Several of the Irish travellers, when interviewed after today’s decision, stated their intention to remain on site saying it would take the Army to get them out.

What an excellent idea!