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January 20th, 2009


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In a few weeks I’ll still be a police officer, the next day I won’t. It’s a strange thought.

I’ll have to hand back all my uniform & kit. There’s a form for it. There’s a form for everything in the modern police force. (mind, to be fair, there’s always been a form for everything. The job would grind to a halt without forms). It lists stuff on there that I haven’t even got a clue what the hell it is much less whether I’ve got one or not.

I was wondering whether I wanted to keep anything for posterity or whether I just wanted rid of it all. I thought it might be nice to keep my epaulettes, I’ve been known as a number for the last 30 years. It might be nice to put them in a frame with the medals I’ve never worn & maybe a cap badge or helmet plate, but where would I display it? Probably get it nicely mounted, so to speak, and shove it in the loft.

I wonder whether my grandchildren will one day go through a box of stuff belonging to granddad, trying on a cap or helmet.Other than this blog I’ve never written anything down about my police career. I think this is a real shame because there is so much that happens throughout 30 years and the memory, well mine, is not that good. I’ve forgotten far, far more than I’ll ever remember. If there was one thing I’d advise someone just joining the job to do, it would be to write it down (well the funny bits & stuff that won’t get you into trouble!). I wish I’d done that.

Knowing my luck I’ll keep hold of my cap and three weeks later the door will get put in by a squad, the house’ll get searched & my pension will be stopped.