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January 18th, 2009

What if there is?

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I’m not a religious man but my wife is, well she’s religious, she’s not a man, obviously (although I suppose in this day & age that’s not so obvious).

So it’s in something of a quandary that I feel a little strange seeing buses driving round with the anti-religious message “There’s probably no God so stop worrying & enjoy your life”. I kind of feel funny on behalf of my wife.

For a start, why is it assumed that people who believe in God worry, and that they don’t enjoy their life?

I guess, this message, which comes from the atheist lobby, at least is offensive to pretty much all religions (well those that have a belief in a god). Thankfully, we’ve not seen any calls for the people who made the message to be killed, nor have we seen any burning flags in the streets.

I wonder what would have happened had the message said “There’s probably no Allah….”

It was refreshing to read this week that a Christians bus driver who refused to drive the buses with this message all down the side, has not been sacked, and that there are no reports of him or his bus company suing each other. What has happened is that the company have made suitable adjustments so that he can drive buses which don’t have the message thereon.

Life could be so much easier if more people adopted the same policy.