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January 11th, 2009


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There was an article in the Telegraph this week about the Grey Coat Hospital Church of England Comprehensive School for Girls in London.

Some of the pupils there have got themselves into hot water after creating a group on Facebook called “The Hate Group” whose purpose appears to have been to slag off one of the teachers at the school. For some reason this hasn’t gone down too well with the head who has suspended large numbers of the group’s members for varying amounts of days.

Teachers are up in arms about it too saying that pupils should be expelled for such outrages and not just suspended.

I read the article on the toilet, as I sometimes do, it’s where I get a lot of my inspiration for this blog for some reason. I was shocked to the core with disbelief when I read one sentence from the article. Unfortunately, I no longer have sight of the item as Mrs Weeks appears to have recycled it, so I hope I am getting the quote reasonably close if not word-for-word.

It read along the lines of a school spokesperson said, “The police are not investigating“!

I’ll say that again for those that skimmed over it and may have misconstrued it, “The police are not investigating“.

Sorry, I don’t buy it. Someone – well lots of people actually – slagging off someone else & the police are not investigating it? Surely the world has gone crazy? Is not the true & only real purpose of the police these days to bring to justice people who slag other people off on Facebook & MSN?