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January 9th, 2009

Free Cash, but not for me

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It’s just my luck really. If I was a triplet, I’d be the one who was bottle-fed.

Just as I prepare to take receipt of the largest amount of cash I’ve ever seen, we see interest rates go so low that by the time I get my commutation, I’ll be paying the government interest.

I’ve spent 30 years in debt. Someone said to me at school that you don’t get rich digging someone else’s ditch and that’s certainly true being a PC for 30 years in a single-wage family. So it’s been about 28 years that I’ve been looking forward to getting my lump sum. It was made all the more pleasurable in the summer when Jackie Spliff decided to increase the payout to males by about 25 grand to come in line with what females had been getting for donkey’s years, although for some reason this wasn’t discrimination against men, go figure.

Some time last year it was possible to get a deal at the bank where, with £100,000 in the bank you could get between £6,000 & £9,000 on a simple interest account, more if you wanted to invest in other ways. Now, I’ll be lucky to get a 1% return on my heard-earned pension, the banks will have several billion of my English pounds kindly donated by Gordy, will refuse to lend me any at these derisory rates or reduce my mortgage in line with the lowest level of interest this country has ever known, while sharing my tax money out amongst it’s shareholders & fat-cat bosses.

It’s enough to make me want to stamp my foot or something.