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January 6th, 2009

Here’s the Deal (part two)

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By way of answering some of the comments posted on my ‘Here’s the Deal’ entry about my future choice of new career I thought I’d post an update rather than respond in the comments of the original post (well, it’s one less blog entry I have to think up, right?)

What does Mrs Weeks think of my decision to go back to the control room as a civvy?

Well, she’s as supportive as she’s ever been, particularly as she declined my offer for me to take on the role of house-husband while she got out into the jobs market as the bread-winner.

Why do the same job for less money?

Well, the alternatives would be either to just not retire & continue serving as a police officer on top PC’s wage (which is somewhere around £34,000 or so). But I’d not get my pension commutation (lump sum), or to stay on the 30-plus scheme, whereby you retire for one day, get your commutation, and then resume as a PC. However, this means that you are actually working for less money; you would be getting your £34,000, but had you retired you’d be getting £17,000 for sitting on your arse at home in the form of the pension, so in effect, you’re doing a full time job for half the pay.

So my choice, is to go back as a full-time civilian, get a few grand less than I get now but also get £17,000 pension. The sum total is the equivalent of about a £10,000 pay rise, plus I get the six-figure commutation lump sum. I’ll pay off my debts, no longer pay the hefty police pension & save a few hundred quid a  month on repayments for this that & the other.

Will i continue blogging?

Probably, for a while at least, though I may cut it down from posting every day, I’ll see.

Will you still be working shifts?

Yes, at least to start with, I’m used to it and there is a decent shift allowance as a civvy.

How will I tell MOPs there are no police to send until next Friday?

Oh, I’m well practised at that already.