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January 5th, 2009

Flip a Coin

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How far have we come as a society when everything is someone else’s fault & we take no responsibility for our own actions. Newspapers & blogs are packed full of such stories & another one cropped up this week in the form of one Graham Calvert, a 29-year-old greyhound trainer from the north east.

Up until a while ago, Mr Calvert used to make around £50,000 a year by betting on greyhound races. I have no problem in people spending their money however the hell they want (provided it’s their money & not cash given to them by the likes of me i.e. a tax-payer). As he got more successful betting on greyhounds, Mr calvert turned his attention to golf where his success was a little less forthcoming; in 2006 he bet £347,000 on America winning the Ryder Cup. How gutting is it that in a bet where there are only two outcomes, you chose the wrong one, having put on the equivalent of double the value of the average house?

As I suspect is so often the case (I’m guessing as I don’t actually ever put a bet on anything), he then tried to get his losses back by betting more, and losing more. Until he lost £2 million quid. The obvious solution, other than just not betting any more, was to tell William Hill Bookmakers not to accept any telephone bets from him, which the bookies agreed to do. Sadly, Mr Calvert was still able to put bets on by telephone, the internet & in person.

Calvert tried to take William Hill to court saying they had a duty of care not to accept any of his bets. He lost & judges recently upheld a high court ruling that he couldn’t proceed with his claims. Judges ruled that even though the bookies had agreed not to take any telephone bets, he would have ruined himself anyway via betting in other ways or with other bookies.

In a moment of sublime irony he has been ordered to pay William Hills’ costs starting with an interim payment of £50,000. He should be able to get that back with a bet, there’s some cricket coming up soon I believe.