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January 4th, 2009

Married & Happy

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I’ve been banging on about this for years, well, mainly to myself I have to admit, but I may have mentioned it on this blog before.

A new report by Civitas shows that married couples are being penalised in the tax system compared with single parents. Us married couples are thousands of pounds worse off than parents who chose (or indeed have no choice) not to live together.

The government’s policies on benefits & taxing have done nothing to promote good, solid & stable relationships which involve a mother & father living together as man & wife. Doubtless the people who choose not to get married will now be up in arms about how solid their family relationships can be and that they don’t have to get married to be responsible parents, etc etc yadda yadda yadda, but the simple fact remains that an unmarried couple are more than twice as likely to break up than a married couple and that – on the whole – single parent families are much more likely to have children with social & criminal problems than those with two parents at home.

So by encouraging a system where it actually pays you not to get married & to be a single parent family you immediately create more opportunity for the breakdown of social cohesion and guess who pays to put it right, yep married couples who pay the taxes which go to support the policies creating the problems in the first place & pay for the benefits of all the people who can earn more claiming than they can getting married & going out to work. Wasn’t there a headline just before Christmas saying how there were now squillions of people in this country getting more money in benefits than the average wage?

Gordon Brown abolished the married couples’ tax allowance in 1999 & replaced it with tax credits which itself encourages single mothers over married couples; great forward thinking there, Gordy.

It may seem too simplistic, but it appears to me that there is more encouragement from my government for me to not work, have loads of kids, let other people pay for them & bring them up & risk them being involved in crime at worst or best just being a drain on other people’s resources than there is for me to bring up socially aware & educated kids who will be net givers to society rather than net takers.

And I’m bloody fed up with it!