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December 30th, 2008

Of own goals & things

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Just a little quickie tonight as we’re off relative-visiting shortly.

I just wanted to share my joy over today’s news of another footballer in a bit of a pickle. Regular readers will know how much disgust I have for the sport & profession of football. Many years standing on the terraces at football matches did nothing to enhance the sport for me.

So it’s with a wry smile that I like to read stories of professional footballers getting themselves into trouble.

Steven Gerrard appears to have been charged – with 2 others – with assaulting a DJ at some pub in Southport as well as affray. One of the reports thought an argument may have developed after the DJ refused to play music of Gerard’s group’s choosing.

His employers have already announced their support for the player, which will only be repeated should he appear in court & get convicted; apparently it’s the law.