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December 27th, 2008

Send him down

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The Labour party have been banging on about increasing prison places since they came to power but there is little evidence that they’ve actually done anything about it. Well that’s not strictly true, they have done something about it; they’ve created policies for letting criminals out early because of their failure to create enough room for them inside.

This is all very strange when you realise how much easier they have made it to get people locked up. In the last ten years they have created 1,000 brand new offences for which you can receive a jail term. I’ve not got my calculator out but the Telegraph reckons that’s one new jail-able offence every four days.

Many of these crimes have been described as petty which, in other countries, would only be regarded as minor misdemeanours & therefore not with a custodial sentence. These include six months for kids caught with fireworks in public, jail for fishermen who don’t ask permission to fish on the Lower Esk in Scotland, or  a swift bit of porridge for anyone importing an unauthorised veterinary product. The best example given is a jail sentence for vicars who allow unlicensed concerts in the church hall.

I think I’ve mentioned this government’s reliance on legislation before. It just seems that they think the only way to deal with a perceived problem is to legislate, either that or they just need to control every facet of life. Actually, a nano-second’s thought on that and it is both reasons.