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December 4th, 2008

Welcome, one and all!

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Welcome to members of the Mud Club who have been visiting this blog this week! The Mud Club is sadly nothing to do with semi-naked females & wrestling but is a 4 by 4 vehicle forum. Visitors from there & a couple of other similar sites have popped by to check out the Snow Shoes Supplied video a couple of days ago.

Unfortunately, and grateful as I am to the person who posted my link, they fell at the first hurdle as they entitled their link ‘Only in America‘, I suspect they missed the ‘Canadian Police Chase‘ stamped at the bottom of the entire video, but anyway, thanks all the same.

There was some debate as to whether the video was real or a setup. I have no idea ,but heaven help the Canadians if it was real footage!

Which nonsense prompted me to check out other links to the blog this week & how people have found the site.

Here are some random search engine queries this week which have led people to 200 Weeks:

  • 200 weeks (hurrah, some people have heard of me!)
  • tinker tailor soldier sailor (I have no idea)
  • drink driving videos
  • jim beresford solicitor (previous entry)
  • met pcso salary /do pcsos get paid ? /how much do pcso’s get paid (not enough or too much depending on who you ask, thinking of joining?)
  • grievance with the prosecutor (like about 120,000 police officers, amongst others)
  • rubs himself against the car (??????????????)
  • to let the punishment fit the crime (if only)
  • what school did sharon shoesmith attend (no idea but I bet they had a great Department for Arrogance)
  • night watch+itv
  • police action saves life form drowning (not sure which life form was saved from drowning, a fish maybe?)

and my favourite

  • steve scott night watch prostitution (is there a breaking story about to unfold?)