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November 29th, 2008

Where did we go wrong?

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How many times a week do you think this country has gone down the pan? Where did it all go wrong?

Well if you agree that things have gone wrong then probably two or 3 decades ago & it’s been sliding ever downwards since.

The country is full of people who take responsibility for nothing. Life is so meaningless that babies are killed or left to die by parents who’d rather spend their time taking drugs or playing on their X-Boxes. In such a blameless society we see people blaming everything on someone or something else.

People live next door to each other for years but do not even know their neighbours’ names, much less ever talk to them. Self is the new god; nobody else matters, and if you can enhance your own situation by using other people’s money, all the better.

All this is no accident. It happened when someone decided it was wrong to criticise people. Suddenly, we all had the right for anything & everything. If you weren’t able to conceive, no problem, you have the right to a child. Not in a stable relationship? Who cares, you have the right to have kids & as many as you can manage, can’t afford them? no worries, everyone else will pay? Can’t bring them up? same applies. There is now no shame.

This was supported by government policy which made it easier to have fragmented, failed families, and , by the way, don’t even think of criticising what would eventually lead to the breakdown of the family. Inconvenient truths about how bad a child’s chances were in a single-parent ‘family’ were – and are – brushed under the carpet because it is wrong to make moral judgments on others.

The social engineers were at work.

We reap what we sow & the results of 30 years of social engineering are a society where responsibility & discipline are consigned to the history books. The ill-educated, abandoned & ignored children of the 70s & 80s are now popping sprogs with no chance other than to become what their parents already are, only worse.

Those who can see through the mire & strive to do their best to bring up stable, sensible, educated & loved children are penalised by tax systems which encourage single parents or mothers to return to work & thus leave a job half done. It’s no coincidence that there are more single parents than ever before & it is often financially beneficial to actually be divorced rather than stay as a family unit.

Social & personal responsibility has been sacrificed at the altar of political correctness. It is somehow more ‘right’ to place an abandoned child with a lesbian couple than with a mother & father who ‘don’t agree’ with homosexuality. Religious beliefs of some trump the religious beliefs of others, but only if they are a ‘minority’.

Free speech is only free if you agree with the prevailing powers. Victim status is there to be had but only if you are in a minority ‘diverse’ group. Running the country is about banning things. Got a perceived problem? Easy, ban something. And while you’re at it create a surveillance society that any 1960s eastern Bloc country could only dream of. Make the masses fear something like, oh terrorism and they will surrender all their rights.

I could go on, and on…

The progressive thinkers & political indoctrinators have changed society from a modern, caring & loving society into one more fit for the middle-ages.