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November 24th, 2008

Taking down the Umbrella

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I’ve noticed recently that I’ve been a little bit more ratty at home. My patience quotient seems to have gone down a bit. When I stopped to think about it I wondered whether I was a bit more stressed. The only reason I can think of is because of the big changes coming.

As the 200 weeks approaches almost single figures there is an almost doom-laden air that something is coming to an end.

I was chatting with someone who isn’t in the job last week. Every time I see him he asks how long I’ve got to go & invariably the phrase ‘not long now’ enters into the conversation. He asked me whether I got any preparation for entering ‘civvy street’ & the answer is ‘not a lot’.

I did do a resettlement course quite some time ago, and to be honest, I don’t recall too much about it other than there were a few people from financial institutions ready to advise me where to invest my commutation, there was a little bit about applying for a job but this was more the sort of jobs you might consider applying for rather than how to write a great CV & how to recognise what skills as a police officer are transferable to other roles.

I’ve said for about 30 years that being a police officer isn’t like any other job. As a person you’re not usually defined by the job you have. This is not the case when you’re ‘in the job’; you are defined as a police officer. When people talk about you they don’t usually say, this is John, he’s an electrician. But being a police officer is usually in the introductory paragraph, if not the first sentence.

When you’re a police officer you are one 24 hours a day, it affects everything you can or can’t do. It’s an umbrella which is forever above your head rain or shine. You’re in an exclusive club. Your friends are police officers. Much of your social life is spent amongst police officers.

I think it wil be a big step when I leave the club. Hopefully, despite my current mood swings, this will be like stepping out into a fresh, new & sunny world.