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November 23rd, 2008

Human Rights, but only when we like

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It’s really no wonder the rest of the world see Britain as a soft touch, not when they see things like this.

Two Iraqis accused of murdering two British prisoners of war have been granted thousands of pounds in legal aid to fight being tried in their own country for a crime committed in their own country, of Iraq.

In 2003, Staff Sergeant Simon Cullingworth & Sapper Luke Allsopp were in a convoy which was ambushed by Fedayeen militiamen in southern Iraq. The soldiers were captured & taken to an Iraqi intelligence based where they were shot. Pictures of the soldiers as they lay dying in a compound surrounded by a mob were shown an al-Jazeera.

Faisal Al-Saadoon, 56, & Khalaf Mufdhi, 58, are being represented in Iraq by British lawyer, Phil Shiner who works for Public Immunity Lawyers. He says the accused would not get a fair trial in Iraq & could face the death penalty. A judicial review is to take place, funded by my good self & all the other UK tax-payers which will investigate the claim that trying the killers in Iraq would breach their human rights under Article 3 of the European Convention on Human Rights. It’s a long time since I did geography but back when I was at school Iraq wasn’t part of Europe. It’ll also be the same Human Rights which the soldiers had to proper medical treatment after their capture & the right not to be executed. But people like Mr Shiner, don’t give a fuck about that when they can earn lots of tax-payer’s money to defend scum.

Perhaps the Royal Military Police should have just shot the ‘enemy’ in the back of the head when they captured them & it would have saved us all a lot of money, instead of treating them under the rule of law & respecting their human rights.

If you commit a crime in your own country & there is a death penalty & a high chance you’ll get that penalty, don’t come crying to me, & you can fund your defence out of whatever system exists in your country, which sounds like a decent & fair addition to our foreign policy.