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November 22nd, 2008

White Trash

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So the evil racism exhibited by some components of the BNP has been repaid in kind by evil racism of some Asians, Blacks & others.

We’ve been fielding calls since the publication of the BNP membership list from people on that list who have kindly been phoned at home by the anti-BNP rabble offering to tell them their fortunes.

Most of the fortune telling has been in the form of advising these people, quite a few of whom are no longer members, that their houses are going to be burned down, their wives are going to be raped & a gang of heavies is right now, waiting outside with baseball bats & machetes.

On at least one occasion, a completely ‘innocent’ teenage child of a BNP has been told their father will be killed as soon as he leaves the house. One of the factors running through the many calls we’ve had is that the callers usually rang many times & often spoke with Asian or Afro-Caribbean accents. (although there were apparent white thugs calling too)

It amazes me how this bunch of evil vigilantes can criticise people who have racist views & in the same breath threaten to rape, kill & torch their houses. Can they not see the hypocrisy?

Fighting racism is a thing for education & the mind. Using the baseball bat & petrol bomb merely increases the divide & solves nothing. To my mind they are far worse than the people on a membership list somewhere.