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November 21st, 2008

Integrity, but only when we chose

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It’s taken under 24 hours for a force to suspend an officer for alleged membership of the BNP. In 2004 ACPO decided to ban police officers from membership of the British National Party, citing that it would be bad for race relations for a police officer to be such a member.

So it has been prohibited to be a member of a perfectly legal political party. My understanding is that this has never been challenged in court. I guess those who would benefit from such a challenge don’t want to lose their jobs to make a political point. I don’t know much about human rights, to be fair, in most cases I think the Human Rights Act does nothing to protect those who need protecting. But I would love to see this ban challenged in court. If I turn up for work, treat everyone fairly & don’t break any laws who is anyone to tell me what I should think or believe?

I have no desire to belong to the BNP but I bloody-well demand the right should I so choose.

It’s interesting that the ACPO policy is basically an issue of morality (since it is not one of illegality). Compare this with the illegal publishing of people’s names & addresses (Theft of the document & Data Protection Act) and ACPO actively encouraging forces to go & look at an illegal document to find out if any of its officers are on the list. And they say integrity is non-negotiable?

Examples of corruption amongst freemasons are legion. How many examples are there of masons using their position to grease the slippery promotion pole, or to get away with the odd offence or indiscretion here or there, or allow friends to do the same. Incompatible with being a police officer? Certainly. I’ve not heard of any calls for police membership of the masons to be outlawed. Funny, that.

The sooner ACPO & the legislators gets back to policing & lays off social engineering, the better this country will be.