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November 19th, 2008

What a great idea

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I love the way the government spend waste my money.

They decided that in order to stamp out passport fraud, the answer would be to arrange for people applying for a passport to have face-to-face interviews. 216,581 applicants have attended these sessions up until July 2008.

The cost of introducing the scheme helped to raise the cost of a passport from £42 to £72 in 2005. The bil for the interviews has been some £96million & the monthly running costs are £2.5million, so that makes about 115million of our lovely English pounds.

Fortunately, this has all been money well spent; not a single case of fraudulent applications has been uncovered as a result of applicants having an interview and none of the 216,000 people had their applications rejected.

It makes you proud to be a tax-payer.