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November 17th, 2008

A slap in the face

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Regular readers will know of my disdain in certain compensation claims where you can get a squillion pounds for hurt feelings & £2.50 for having your legs blown off.

The MOD has just paid out £2.4million to a Kosovan man who was accidentally shot in the face by a British soldier.

Six men were driving round a British-guarded building in Pristina in 1999, firing guns in the air to celebrate a national holiday.

A group of paratroopers, fearing they were under fire & in danger, opened fire on the jeep killing 2 occupants & wounding Mohamed Bici. He was subsequently flown to the UK & treated on the NHS. He was then granted legal aid to sue the MOD in a British court. He won £346,000 legal costs & £2,054,000 cash. The paratroopers were found innocent of any wrong-doing at an enquiry.

Royal Marine, Mark Ormerod was offered £214,000 when he lost both legs & an arm after being blown up.

A similar injury to Mr Bici’s would earn just £11,000 compensation should it happen to one of our servicemen.