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November 16th, 2008

Of Exel Spreadsheets

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Tick-boxes, targets & graphs. No, not the modern police force this time but Haringay Council’s Child Protection Department.

I didn’t expect the senior executive to apologise regarding the death of Baby-P, after all, nobody in authority apologises for anything because an apology can be construed as an admission of guilt, but it was very interesting to see the little graphs & charts presented by Sharon Shoesmith to learn how good her department is despite mounting evidence to the contrary.

I had a case of ‘been there, done that’ on reading ex-Haringay social worker, Nevres Kermal’s story in the paper today.

This is a social worker who claims she tried to blow the whistle on Haringay’s social services department’s woeful practices in protecting children.

Ms Kermal claims she warned bosses & government ministers about poor practices in her department, but was ignored & subsequently targeted by those same bosses.

Complaints of being overworked & understaffed must ring bells in any public authority throughout the land these days. Money being mis-spent on team building trips abroad & tea parties for staff. Nothing new there.

Ms Kermal claims that when she brought matters to the attention of her managers they became hostile towards her. She says she outlined cases of neglect & abuse being ignored by social workers direct to Ms Shoesmith herself but was basically ignored.

She says as a direct result of her efforts to put matters right her managers instigated a series of trumped up charges against her resulting in her being investigated for an allegation of assaulting a teenager & further for being an unfit mother herself.

One could argue that these are merely the ramblings of a slighted worker who ended up being sacked by her department & is trying to get her own back. Given that there will now be 3 separate enquiries into the sad case of the death of Baby-P I guess time will reveal whether Ms Kermal speaks with forked tongue or not.

But I have seen similar situations within the police which clearly mirrors what Ms Kermal alleges to have happened at Haringay. Managers don’t like it when their boat is rocked. Rather than sort out the matters being brought to their attention, they take any criticism as a personal attack & do anything to get their retaliation in first. They can be particularly vindictive hen their little empire is under attack.