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November 5th, 2008

Cunning, Stealth &….Death

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As 5 members of the 1st Battalion, Royal Gurkha Rifles were presented with a Military Cross this week (for service in Afghanistan), Chief Supt Kevin Harley, of the Met, has come up with a cracking plan.

He wants the Met to take advantage of the recent change in policy which will allow more Gurkhas to settle in the UK after careers in the military in service of the UK.

Apparently, senior commanders think that the Nepalese soldiers would make ideal police officers & that their “discipline, strength & fearlessness would prove crucial to combating the burgeoning threat of knife & street crime.”

How fantastic would that be?

I reckon we could get rid of knife crime after sending a few Gurkhas out in plain clothes; anyone pulling a knife on them would be dealt with according to the fine traditions of the Gurkha Regiment.

We could slash the pond-life gene pool in a matter of months.

Sadly, I fear that health & safety regulations would ensure that the ex-Gurkha police officers would never be allowed to set foot outside the police station.