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November 3rd, 2008

Egg, Bac, Sos, Tom, Mush, Pea, Chip*

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It must be the season for Muslims to sue the Met. Another one is having a go only this one, for a change, isn’t police officer.

Hasanali Khoja is a senior catering manager in the Met & until recently worked at Hendon Police College. Although he doesn’t often do any cooking he had an informal agreement that he wouldn’t touch sausages & bacon. He’s now been moved to a similar post at the Met’s Empress State Building in Earls Court.

He is suing the Met for religious discrimination after being told he could be expected to handle pork & bacon. Apparently an ‘informal agreement’ has been reached but Mr Khoja says he is taking the Met to an employment tribunal to get the matter ‘formalised’. I wonder if formalising it involves a cash payment at all.

Is it me or is just common sense that if you don’t want to do a particular thing, then don’t go & get a job which involves a good chance of having to do that particular thing. Wasn’t there a Muslim who refused to move alcohol around a Tesco warehouse despite taking a job as a supermarket warehouseman?

Things are getting ridiculous round here.

* the title of this piece comes from the days when we had a police canteen & used to go in on earlies to order a full English breakfast. This practice has been consigned to history as nowhere has a police canteen any more, and anyway, it will probably be illegal soon to order one.