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November 2nd, 2008

Squeezing that last drop

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More good news for motorists that the government are planning on extending the scheme to charge us to use the motorways.

Technology trials are due to start which would allow drivers who pay a fee to drive past all the rest of us stuck in stationary traffic. Apparently, the government are considering the plans on stretches of motorway that are due to be widened as well as hard shoulders.

We could see these lanes operating on the M25, the M42 near Birmingham & the M27 & M3 near Southampton. Prices will depend on the length of the journey but some trips could cost as much as £5. Trials are due to start next year.

In order for the government to give my money away to the banks & the Cromptons (see yesterday’s post) they need to raise more cash, what easier way than squeezing even more money out of the (legal) motorist? So that’s road tax, petrol duty, congestion charges, parking fees & speeding ticket revenue, we can now look forward to being charged to use roads that might actually allow us to make a journey in a reasonable time.