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November 1st, 2008

Cream Cakes for All

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For the last 18 years or so I’ve been part of a single-wage family. I have had a mortgage all this time & when times have been a bit hard, as they often can be for a single wage family with a large mortgage, I have had to take out loans to get by. I still have a loan now, one of many in my adult life.

Although we have two cars neither or what you’d call modern or up-to-date. We don’t go abroad for holidays. Our children, when they finally leave the education system will be net contributors to the economy of this great nation.

As Christmas approaches, thoughts turn to present for the kids. Mrs Weeks & I will probably do our usual & limit our mutual presents to £10 or £20, this way we can spend a bit more on the kids. The most expensive presents they’ve ever had have been bikes or hand-held computer consoles & the like, maybe £150 maximum.

In order to provide this for my family I have to work long, unsociable hours. I have been put in hospital several times & been assaulted many more times. I have restrictions on my private life that others would call rights abuse. I might moan about it but I carry on.

Tracey & Harry Crompton of Hull have somewhat different circumstances. They have 10 children. This week they were boasting that they had already spent £3000 on Xmas pressies & were fully intending to spend more.

Our earnings are not dissimilar. I get around £33,000 a year. The Hulls get £32,656. The difference is that my £33,000 is drastically reduced by paying tax, national insurance, Council tax & pension contributions. I take home a significant proportion less than my £33,000. The Comptons take home most of their £32,000, all except for the proportion which pays their rent & council tax, because all that money comes in the form of benefits payments.

Harry has been out of work for 15 years, Tracey has never worked in her life.

If Mrs Weeks needs a new pair of shoes she usually just goes without & gets the kids shoes, or she waits for a few months until she has enough cash for a pair.

Fortunately for her, Tracey Crompton is in a much more beneficial position, she says, “If the kids need something I go and get it. I rarely go without things either. If I need something, like a pair of shoes, then I’ll get it.” Tracey is very lucky, she adds, “We don’t have money worries. We don’t go without things and I think that’s because we are self-sufficient, we grow our own food I don’t see why others should have money worries.” I doubt I;d have money worries if I sat on my arse all day & took thirty two grand of other people’s money either, Tracey.

Good for Mrs Crompton, it;s always good to see someone happy with their lot.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining that we’ve got no money & haven’t had any spare to do some of the things that other families take for granted, like newish cars or foreign holidays, or bank accounts which aren’t overdrawn; I get paid more than a lot of people.

Mrs Weeks & I made a decision when we were planning to have our family that she would give up work (she earned more than me at the time) to nurture our children. We gave up all the extras because we believed it was the right thing to do.

It sometimes pisses me off that others can get get away with doing fuck all & still get cream with all the extras.