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October 30th, 2008

Of Wild Geese

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You got to feel sorry for Norman McKennall, although when you find out he’s an estate agent, maybe not that sorry.

Norman, who runs an office in Dorchester, was on holiday in Scotland when he received a call from her Majesty’s finest down in Dorset. They thoughtfully rang him to advise that the windows of his office had been put in. He was asked to attend so that he could replace the officers who were standing guard by the windows making sure nobody else broke in.

Norman left Dumfries at 1am & commenced a 9 hour drive back to Dorchester. Unfortunately, during the drive he was flashed by a speed camera at 38 in a 30. He was subsequently to plead not guilty figuring that the stress of the call-out & marathon drive was sufficient to mitigate his transgression. Unfortunately for him the magistrates didn’t agree & upheld the £60 fine and stuck a further £395 costs on top.

So, back to the night in question. He eventually arrived back home and duly attended the said premises of business to find all the windows intact. You can imagine his chagrin to find out that the smashed window was not in his office after all but was actually at a tea room in a different street!