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October 23rd, 2008

Constitutional Committments

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I don’t normally turn my replies to visitors’ comments into their own blog entries but as I’m having a bit of a downer on the Met Black Police Association at the moment, what the hell, and it saves me thinking up a brand new topic to blog about.

In my entry Speaking Out about a black DC’s criticisms of the Met BPA, someone replied that the primary purpose for the association was to tackle racism as a support network & not to encourage recruitment.

I thought I’d see if I could check the facts. The National BPA’s constitution says of its aim:

The objects of the National Black police Association are to promote good race relations and equality of opportunity within the police services of the United Kingdom and the wider community.

Like the National BPA, the Met BPA seems to have only one aim; Article 3.1 of its constitution says:

The Association shall seek to improve the working environment of black personnel within the Metropolitan Police Service, with a view to enhancing the quality of service to the public.

It will do this by six specific means:

  1. providing a support network
  2. providing a social network
  3. working more closely with staff associations
  4. working towards improved relations between the police and black people
  5. being instrumental in improving recruitment and reducing wastage
  6. assisting in the development of new and existing policies where necessary

One has to wonder what the Met BPA is doing now that it has dropped 3, 4 & 5.

While researching this blog entry I also came across the Met BPA’s Code of Conduct. I was interested to see that it rightly expects high standards of its members, in particular:

  1. Members are expected at all times to represent a high standard of personal integrity and conduct which will not reflect adversely upon the Association or its aims and objectives.

One (i.e. me) also wonders whether those who have taken the decision to declare open war on the Met can still meet the above requirement and further – maybe someone will have to submit a freedom of information request to find out, unless a kind reader knows – how many Met BPA members (or presidents) have been held to account by the association for breach of the code of conduct?

If, given the code expects such high standards, how have they gotten away with voting in their current president?

All in all they might like to take up my suggestion to check out Article 11 of their constitution:

  • Winding Up Procedure