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October 21st, 2008

Speaking Out

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In the 17 October issue of the Police Review, DC Rod Austin, a detective with the Met’s Specialist Crime Directorate, speaks out against the Black Police Association. He describes the Met Black Police’s recent rants as ‘ongoing rhetoric’ and says that someone has to take a stance on behalf of the Met & black & ethnic officers who do not share the association’s views of racism within the force.

DC Austin, himself black, says he has seen great changes within the Met which don’t support the BPA’s current viewpoint. He says: “Today’s Met BPA, I believe, is a power-hungry ‘political’ group operating within the Met, whose members appear to be focused on personal success by continually browbeating the force under the banner of racism.

It seems that whenever one of their members finds themselves under scrutiny, the racist banner seems to get dragged out of the cupboard and hoisted high. This is followed by irresponsible and unjustified comments being made to the media, warning ethnic minority people not to join the Met because racism will prevent them from achieving success.

In my view, these comments are made without qualification or any credible evidence to support them and are simply not true.”

DC Austin had previously been approached to join the BPA but declined believing the Association’s aims did not truly support finding ways to break down the cultural differences that had deterred ethnic minority people from joining the police.

DC Austin says he doesn’t believe the BPA speaks for the majority of black or ethnic minority officers within the Met.

He ends his letter by saying of the BPA: “It was not created to cry ‘racism’ every time one of its members is alleged to have acted inappropriately or has failed to gain promotion. It was started to help the Met recruit black and ethnic minority officers by breaking down barriers – not building them.”

Well said, that man!