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October 20th, 2008

Uninteresting Stats

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Sometimes I’m fascinated by who reads this blog & where they come from. In the 3 years I’ve been writing it I can honestly say I have never, ever heard anyone at work discussing or even mentioning it. I’ve had one or two comments posted which I think have come from people in the same force as me so there must be one or two.

When I log in, I can see a list of links from other sites where people have clicked a link somewhere else & ended up here. It will be no surprise that I get most visitors from Inspector Gadget & (the original police blog) David Copperfield’s. Then comes Planet Police & Nightjack.

Sometimes my posts are being discussed on varied websites. I can understand some of them, Police999 & Police-Specials, for instance, but some are a little more strange.

For instance, this month I’ve had links from Wow-Shameless, a World of Warcraft website, Wholesome Socks (I have no idea), the Alamy Photo Library forums, The Landy Owners Club forums, the Mud Club forums, Safe Speed forums, London Meetups, the Focus ST Owners Club, the Psych (mental health support) forums, Atomic Maximum Power Computing forums, the East Dulwich forum, Civic Type R forum, the Peterborough forums, SodaHead (no idea), the interestingly named Argue With Anyone forums.

Sometimes I visit the links to see what they’re saying about me. Last might I was being discussed on a runners forum. It seems someone in another control room has taken a look here & said it mirrors their experiences (I wonder if it’s someone I work with). They seemed to be suggesting that I’d been banned from a website & was using this blog as a means of spouting off. If you’re reading this, as far as I’m aware I’ve never been banned from any website so I think your guess at my ID is probably wrong, and whilst I am a member of Police999, I don’t post there very often.

So far this month I’ve had 3,500 unique visitors & 35,000 page loads. I get most visits on a Thursday or Friday. Surprisingly, the vast majority of visits appear to be from the USA, almost 10 times as many as the UK, with Europe, Israel, Argentina & Canada next, in order. Other countries include Greece, Germany, Australia, Spain, France, China, Hong Kong, Panama, Switzerland, Netherlands, Japan, Finland, Norway, South Africa, Yugoslavia, Ireland, & 25 other countries.

Anyway, enough of the meaningless drivel, it’s juts an excuse for another post to keep up the count & maybe attract some more really obscure weblinks.