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October 19th, 2008

Scary Times

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Things are getting a little scary round at 200 Towers about now.

The impending retirement is starting to loom much larger on the horizon. This Christmas will see my last one as a police officer. Being as it seems like I’ve been one since God was in short trousers, the thought of applying for jobs is somewhat, er, frightening, yep, if I’m honest, frightening.

I’ve not applied for anything in my entire adult life, certainly not anything I’ve been required to provide a CV for. I can’t remember anything about applying for a job as a police officer. So I don’t know whether I had to put anything down on paper about my capabilities. All I know is I think I applied during the school holidays after I left the sixth form, had an interview & started  a few weeks later, 30 years ago.  I’ve started to compile my CV. The tricky thing is finding anything to actually put in it. I’ve read CV-writing websites until all the advice has merged into one and it still only has a paragraph in it. Being a hairy-arsed copper for 30 years must give you some skills but finding them & putting them on paper isn’t as easy as I thought.

I’m also developing this strange desire to read the job adverts in my local papers. I honestly haven’t decided what to do. I’m thinking about just having a few months of chilling which will give me more time to put off applying for a job. The choices I have appear to be;

  • apply to come back as a civvy in the control room (safe but not particularly happy)
  • apply to come back in some other civvy role within the police organisation (safe but are other departments any better than mine – can they be any worse!)
  • apply for some, as yet, unknown job outside the force.
  • have a few months off, go abroad, chill out & then back to the 3 choices above.