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October 13th, 2008

Hear No Evil

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Apparently, PC Andrews is causing more angst on his shift.

I was working with one of the girls on his shift recently & talk got round to what’s happening on each other’s shifts; catching up on the goss, as it were.

Apart from the usual comparisons as to which shift has the least amount of staff & the most sickness, most of the conversation was about PC Andrews.

It seems there aren’t many people who are prepared to work with him.

As usual, the people who shout the loudest get what they want & that’s to sit anywhere not with said numpty. The people who are either too timid or indifferent to rock the boat get shafted.

Hannah is one of the timid types. She doesn’t want to say too much on her shift & especially to the supervisors; she doesn’t want to be seen as a complainer & if she did get her way not to work with him she’d feel guilty that someone else would have to.

She doesn’t like him, actually that’s pretty much an understatement. She hates working with him. He’s been in the control room five minutes but thinks he knows it all. She hates the way he ‘controls’. She hates the way he speaks to officers. She hates the way he winds everyone up with his rude, brash & arrogant manner. He does this to such an extent that officers refuse to answer their radio to him. This makes both their jobs difficult. She hates his mannerisms.

As she regaled me with the various stories of his incompetence & arrogance it was clear how much it affected her. I was sure I could see tears in her eyes. She hates it so much that she has almost phoned in sick when she’s rostered to work with him.

Some people of his ilk et dealt with speedily & effectively. Others seem to drift around never getting sorted & inflicting misery on anyone unfortunate enough to be around them. PC Andrews is just such an example of the second type. Shunted from one department to the next because nobody is prepared to grasp the nettle, it’s easier to move him on somewhere else to become someone else’s problem. Job done.

I hope I’ve persuaded Hannah to speak with someone about it, there are various avenues she can take. There’s no reason people like her should suffer, it’s bad enough under the current working practices in the room without tossers like him making it worse.