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October 8th, 2008

Ghost Staff

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I’ve been banging on for ages that where I work we are not classed as individuals with individual needs, indeed, we’re not thought of as having needs at all; we are merely there to serve.

There is not better example than the following;

We’ve been crying out for extra staff for months. The shifts we have are unbalanced in that while every shift has the same amount of work & same positions ate radio/computer terminals, some shifts have several more, or less staff.

The answer by the department of people who ‘do things’ is to transfer someone from one with more staff to one with less. We got a girl, support staff, from another shift transferred onto ours this week. Hooray, maybe the chances of getting leave might increase by a minuscule amount, the chances of working single-crewed all week might drop.

The problem is the shift loosing the staff member doesn’t want to give anyone up, they get told to ‘find a volunteer’ so who do they transfer onto our shift? Yep, the one who has been on sick leave for 3 months who has no prosepct of turning up for work on our shift for the next three months either.

That, of course, doesn’t matter to the department of ‘doing things’; their Exel spreadsheet is a little moe balanced now & that’s all that matters.