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October 5th, 2008

Pride of Britain

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It’s what keeps this country great.

A man from London, blind for 50 years (i.e. all his life) has had partial sight restored to one eye after a series of operations. The un-named male now as 1/16th of normal sight in one eye, he remains blind in the other.

That’s truly something to celebrate, both for him & his family & also for the medical profession who have brought about a truly life-changing difference to the chap.

He went out for a walk last week by the Royal Albert Docklands Light Railway in Beckton, London. He was approached by two thugs. They took his white stick off him & proceeded to batter him with it, punching & kicking him unconscious. They then took the cash & credit cards from his pocket in the sickening attack.

The only glimmer of good news to come out of the story is that the police have arrested 4 people, two of whom have been charged with robbery.

Let’s hope they get a decent sentence. I know a country in the middle east which still has useful sentences for scum like this. How many rocks can you take on hand-luggage these days?