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October 3rd, 2008

Hello, is that the Stasi, I have some information…

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Just as I look forward to getting my full pension ex-PC Stuart Janaway has had his taken away. He was sacked this week by Greater Manchester Police following a disciplinary investigation into his association or otherwise of the British National Party.

Janaway was found to have worn a BNP badge whilst off duty at a football match at Old Trafford in 2006. Details of how this came to the attention of the rubber heel squad doesn’t appear to be reported but at some stage they received information that he might have items connected to the right-wing party at his home address & obtained a search warrant. A photograph of his wearing the badge at the match was found.

The former chief of GMP, a serial shagger who topped himself earlier this year, made an order in 2004 banning employees of GMP being members of the BNP, National Front & Combat 18. A GMP spokesman has admitted that there was no evidence found that Janaway was a member of the BNP & the BNP itself has said that he is not a member. Never-the-less he has been ‘required to resign’, for a discipline offence which he doesn’t appear to have committed.

There are several things which concern me. Firstly, what are the police doing getting search warrants to investigate disciplinary offences? I guess they would have had to prove to a magistrate that they had sufficient cause to search his house for property linking him to a criminal matter, what was this matter? nobody is saying.

Secondly, WTF has it got to do with GMP what their employees think? Surely they should be concerned with what their employees do? I have no wish to support the BNP or much of what they stand for but I support their right to believe what ever they want to believe; they are a legal political party.

I’m also worried that the ‘thought police’ are creating more problems than they are solving. There is little equality in the way discipline matters are investigated. If you send an ‘inappropriate email’ or tell a dodgy joke you can get the sack, but threaten to cause harm to an ex female partner or try to get away with a criminal offence by perverting the course of justice, you can keep your job & even get promoted.

PC Tariq Mahmood, in the same force as Stuart Janaway, fled the scene of an RTC in which 2 people were hurt, he then sprayed his car to cover up any evidence of the collision and tried to persuade his sister & girlfriend to say they had been driving at the time of the accident. He was fined one week’s wages.

Compare the two cases? Was there fair justice in either of them? I don’t think so.