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October 2nd, 2008

There he was, gone

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So the Met Chief, Sir Ian Blair, has resigned.

Apparently, his position has become untenable without the backing of a man whose sole reason for his rise to high office has been the fact that he is a posh & talentless buffoon.

I’ve really not made my mind up about this one. I often bang on about how senior officers never suffer consequences for failings for which they ultimately are responsible, yet I am annoyed that his resignation has come as a result of what seems to be just political interfering from someone I wouldn’t trust to wash my police car (if I had one).

I expect that several wannabees are currently retrieving their previously crafted CVs & well-evidenced PDRs which they wrote over the last two years for just such an occasion in readiness for the application process for the top policing job in the country.

Doubtless the Black Police Association will be out celebrating & announcing proof of their stance against Blair in his resignation. Hopefully, the list of applicants won’t include names like Dizaei & Ghaffur.