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September 26th, 2008

Bullied Lesbian wants lots of Dosh

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Another week another compensation story. This one is about lesbian soldier Kerry Fletcher who has just won an industrial tribunal which agreed that she had been harassed by a sergeant who asked her for a threesome & sent her lewd text messages. She went sick from the Royal Artillery stables in North Yorkshire & complained that the MOD had not taken her complaints of harassment seriously.

She is claiming compensation for stress, hurt feelings & loss of earnings. The sum required? £400,000.  She’s 32, probably has under 30 years working life left even if she chooses to work for the the maximum amount of time, so either she’s saying she’ll never be able to work again or that’s one hell of an amount of stress & hurt feelings.

Bugger me, but if you get your arms & legs blown off in Afghanistan, you only get £161,000. How the fuck can anyone justify £400,000? I get fed up to the back teeth with people who are somewhat hard done by & want hundreds of thousands of pounds compo while people who deserve that amount are left with derisery settlements. I think she wants £400,000 for stress, hurt feelings, loss of earnings & greed.

Judging by previous settlements, she’ll probably get it too.