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September 19th, 2008

Make That Two Pairs

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I can’t be the only one drawing up the deckchair & preparing the knitting (or was it crocheting) at the spectacle of the Met Police’s ongoing battle between the top ranking officers & the public executions about to take place.

It seems Met chief Ian Blair has taken my advice & suspended Commander Ali Dizaei over the various allegations of not doing police-type stuff.

The Guardian described affairs as Scotland Yard’s race row ‘erupting’ again. I wouldn’t say it’erupted so much as being bubbling away furiously for the last few weeks. The end game is going to be fantastic. I wonder how many will end up shot down in flames.

I suspect that no matter what happens. The ordinary copper will lose out with everyone slagging ‘the police’ off again. The Black Police Association will up it’s campaign against ‘the police’, and ethnic minority groups will continue to be underrepresented within the ranks of the force, er, service.